Who can play the Wheels on the Bus and Sweet Home Alabama at the same sing-a-long and still pull it off: The Z Brothers! Paulie Z, David Z and Joey Cassata, three Brooklyn boys, have been performing for kids for over a decade now and their youthful brand of showmanship and high energy sing-a-longs have successfully made the one of the most sought after children's entertainers in the country.

When attending a Z Brothers show, prepare yourself for an explosive performance filled with singing, shaking, clapping, jumping and a lot of dancing. Also, keep your ears open for some classic rock tunes thatíll have all the adults joining in the fun. The Z Brothers are probably best known for their ability to seamlessly intertwine songs from all different age groups into one sing-a-long. They'll play everything from Barney to the Beatles to NSYNC so that kids, older siblings, parents and even nannies are guaranteed to have a great time. Paulie, David and Joey approach their sing-a-longs from a rock n' roll perspective because they are both working musicians in that field. To date they have released three albums with their hard rock band ZO2 and have starred in two seasons of their own TV series on cable called Z Rock.

Combining rock n' roll with children's music has proven to be a winning formula for the Z Brothers as they continue to grow more and more popular in the world of children's entertainment.